Fix SBCGlobal Email ‘Unable To Connect To Server’ Error

You need to get connected properly with your SBCGlobal account and server to send or receive emails using your SBC Global email account. If your account is not properly connected with SBC server then you will get the error of Unable To Connect To Server.
This error is widely recognized and experienced by users who are using their SBC email account on any email client application or mail apps of Smartphone. And the prime reason is the incorrect settings of the server or the some error with setting it up with the email client application.
We have the correct settings of SBCGlobal email account for you; you can choose any of the POP3 or IMAP settings accordingly. When you fix the server settings, and then restart your email client application. The issue will be fixed in most of the cases. Or Conatact Sbcglobal Support Phone Number +1-877-353-4243.

The SBCGlobal Email Settings:

When you are using the POP3 settings; you can take reference from here.

POP3 Settings

  • Inbound server –
  • Port – 995
  • SMTP server –
  • Port – 465
  • SSL required – Yes
  • User name –
Toll Free : +1-877-353-4243 (US)
In case, you are using the IMAP settings; you can take help from here. IMAP is an better alternative for email client settings.

IMAP Settings:

  • Inbound server –
  • Port – 993
  • SMTP server –
  • Port – 465 or 587
  • SSL required – Yes
  • User name –
When you don’t find any solution from the above settings or when you are sure about your configuration settings; in such case, you need to think about other options too. Another reason is your internet connection. Whether using your SBCGlobal on some email client application or on some web browser; if the connection is proper with internet, then you might error of Unable To Connect To Server. You need to contact your email service provider or ISP for any further solution. If you are using it on your Smartphone then, you should check your network coverage and try again.
Apart from that, there is one more case when your will get the error of Unable To Connect To Server; when SBCGlobal is updating or restarting it’s server. In that particular case, you can’t do anything except to get the server up once again. During the period of down server; users are likely to face some trouble. To avoid any inconvenience; you can keep an alternative email address different from SBCGlobal.
For further details, visit the website or dial our Sbcglobal Support Phone Number +1-877-353-4243 and get in touch with experts.


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